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Regional action plans are coordinated efforts for partners to strategically address marine debris. Due to the complexity of marine debris issues, there is a role for everyone in the implementation of a plan, including the private citizen who picks up litter from our beaches and watersheds as well as governments, industries, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions that support a wide range of activities like cleanups, research, education, and outreach. The Gulf of Mexico action plan was developed in partnership with the Gulf of Mexico Alliance and documents are available for download below.

Marine Debris Content Portlet

Action Plan Tier 2 Document
AP3 Tier 2_MD CTI_v2.0.xlsx
GOMA Action Plan 3, Marine Debris Cross Team Initiative
Marine Debris Cross Team Initiative APIII 40.pdf
Gulf of Mexico Alliance Action Plan 3
Cover of the AP3 document APIII (1).pdf